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Sid_Chavers Sid Chavers Company caters to the Hot Rod and Custom auto marketplace with high-quality aftermarket accessories, Instructional Videos, and supplies. Sid Chavers and his team are dedicated to their craft. They make old cars feel like new, with various fabrics, wood, metal, carpet, sound systems, GPS, and exotic blends of fine stitched leather. Sid’s shop is a place where you're guaranteed a quality product and many happy road miles in your comfortable interior. Latest News Updates

Beyond covering the convertible top Sid Chavers Company upholstered the interior and trunk. Beginning with a base of Dynamat sound and heat damping mat laid in the trunk and interior floor, padding was added to provide additional soundproofing and create a level surface to lay tan German square weave carpeting. The door and trunk panels as well as the seat were scratch built and then upholstered in caramel leather.

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