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Bob & Ann Nickum  Dixon  CA.



Bob McDonald  Hailey  ID.


Bruce Canpa    Scotts Vally,  CA.

Bubba Bugg  Germantown, TN.


Chip O'Connor  Reno NV


Chuck Thornton  San Marcos CA.



Dee Barns   Las Vegas NV

Dennis Duval     Lodi,  CA.

Dennis Mariani   Winters, CA


Dick and Carol Edmonds  Franklin, NH




Dick DeLuna   Wopodside CA.


Don Tornberg  NorCal

Eric Clapton    London, England

Garret Bouton   San Francisco  CA


George Poteet   Memphis, TN



J J Barnhart  Los Angeles  CA.



John Munford  Woodside Ca.



Jorge Zaragoza   El Paso, TX

Mossimo  Giannulli    SoCal



Pat Costello   St. Paul MN



Paul Bonderson   Sunol  Ca.


Paul Hansen  Discovery Bay CA.

Reggie Jackson  Seaside CA

Richard Munz  Madison  WI.


Tony Miller    SoCal


Kustom K-Fab  Lodi, CA.

Jin & Sandy Euby  Bakersfield CA.




Don Wilber   Washington




Chet Thomas  Grass Valley CA.

Jorge Zaragosa  El Paso TX.



Jim Foley   Reno  NV.

Sparky   Burlingame  CA.



Body By Hank   Watsonville CA.




Dan Webb   Burton Michigan




Marty  House of Pain  Santa Clara CA.




Misc and Unfinshed







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