Sid Chavers Upholstery DVD

The Sid Chavers Company has released the first three volumes in a series of instructional DVD's titled "Street Rod Interiors" that reveal all the secrets that make Sid one of the most sought after interior design and installation professionals today.

The subjects offered in the DVD's are:
  • Street Rod Interiors "Panels"
  • Street Rod Interiors "Seats"
  • Street Rod Interiors "Headliners"

The DVD's take the viewer from basics such as materials used, to design, (including different styles), doing a layout, and then construction through to the finished product. The amount of detail that Sid provides leaves no area uncovered.

Each DVD in the "Street Rod Interiors" series is available separately*

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Street Rod Interiors DVD's
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Street Rod Interiors DVDs

DVD Volume 1: Panels* - $39.95
DVD Volume 2: Seats* - $39.95
DVD Volume 3: Headliners* - $39.95
DVD Set: Volume1, 2, and 3 - $119.85
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